Fear of flying Hypnotherapy in Newcastle

Fear of Flying

My Recent Experiences With Fear of Flying

I recently encountered a fear of flying once more and as I’ll explain, it can be a real problem for some people. I was on an aeroplane recently and it was just in the process of taking off. You know that point when the plane shudders and judders and reaches a speed and a point on the runway that leaves the pilot no option but to pull back the controls and let the plane climb into the air.

Just at that moment I felt the blood draining from my left-hand and I became aware of numb sensation in the hand. Was I having a heart attack or stroke?

I looked down at my hand and noticed that the hand of the person sitting next to me was over my hand and squeezing with some vigour. We were sharing the same armrest. Presumably she thought, in her moment of panic, that it was the armrest that was being squeezed. I chuckled to myself. I‘d done it again – sat next to some one who has a fear of flying.

How Can I Help?

I have helped many people overcome their fear of flying during the last 37 years I have been a hypnotherapist.

Whilst you can be reassured that statistically, flying is the safest form of transport. The media often give the impression that its not. Even if a small plane crashes somewhere in the world, the circumstances are reported worldwide in graphic detail. This information only helps to heighten the fears of someone with a fear of flying.

These fears of flying often can be broadly categorized into more specific fears as follows:

A. The person has a fear of heights.

B. The person has a feeling of not being in control.

C. The person feels enclosed in a container that they cannot escape from.

D. A bad experience on a previous flight.

E. Any combination of the above.

The above list is not exhaustive of specific fears of flying but gives a brief example of triggers that set off adrenaline in our system. This release of adrenaline creates a feeling of unease (a fight or flight response – no pun intended). Because we cannot change our environment this causes an ensuing panic. Our imagination multiplies these feelings and projects into the future. Thus anticipating the worst case scenario. So no one would want to willingly put themselves in that situation.

How Does Hypnotherapy Help?

Fortunately, hypnotherapy Newcastle can reframe these emotions so that your reactions do not follow the above pattern. Hypnosis can help you establish a more comfortable set of feelings whereby you can sit in a chair, on an aircraft, and be whisked away to your chosen destination in the shortest possible time.

If you would like to know more about your fear of flying or anything else you think we can help you with, or to arrange your free initial consultation, just contact me here.

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