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How I Boosted my Facebook Likes

How I Boosted my Facebook Likes

I was looking for a way to boost my Facebook business page as it didn’t have many ‘likes’ and I felt it needed some sort of following in order to get me off the ground. It felt like a vicious circle initially as people don’t want to follow a page which hasn’t already got a decent following – catch 22! With so many well established Facebook pages out there now, users have got used to following pages which already have hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of existing followers – any less and your business can be seen as not very professional in what they do or not very established – I needed to overcome this problem.

There are companies and individuals on the net, offering to add hundreds and sometimes thousands of likes to your page for next to nothing, but are all of these ‘Facebook Likers’ the same quality? I needed to look into it before jumping in with both feet!

I looked on Fiverr but with a little research all is not as it seems!

I was very tempted to just pay out $5 and get 400-500 likes within 24 hours! A quick Google search showed that the methods used by sellers on Fiverr and the like, can be incredibly damaging to your Facebook page and sometimes lead to your page being banned or deleted altogether!

I discovered that many other people had issues in the past using these cheap solutions, and that it is key to obtain ‘likes’ in the right way. During my research one name kept on cropping up, a website called Boostlikes.

Boostlikes provide quality likes for Facebook and also help you to gain followers for a lot of the other major social media players. They offer full support and have been in business for over 5 years, so clearly know their game.

The differences between Boostlikes and the cheap alternatives:

The competition – on Fiverr and other similar sites

Robot or ‘bot’ accounts mean that the likes/fans are made by software and not actual people
Normally this type of likes/fans last around 6-8 weeks at the most
They appear so quickly as they are automated robots – this means they can vanish just as quickly
There are no real profiles completed on Facebook OR they can be using stolen photos and fake accounts
Being based in foreign countries means that if they do take your money and don’t deliver – there’s not a lot you can do.
You risk your whole account being taken down due to how these fake likes appear on your account


High quality likes/fans
likes/fans that then stay forever
likes/fans from actual people and not robots or stolen accounts)
Real accounts that have complete profiles with photogrpahs
Based in the USA and with fantastic support and over 5 years history. Want to learn more about Hypnotherapy Newcastle? Visit us today.

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