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Stress Management Newcastle

Stress management Newcastle. Are you stressed? Feeling under pressure and like you can’t cope? Need some help with stress management?

Everyone can feel stressed to some degree in their day to day lives. Even those who seem so relaxed and take everything in their stride, will still feel stressed at times. The difference is that either they have found a way to deal with it, or they are just very good at hiding the stress.

The pressure of modern day living and the fast pace of society. Working longer hours, worrying about paying bills, relationship issues, kids arguing with each other every waking hour! The stress you feel, can come from a number of different sources, which can all mount up to become a major pressure on you.

To deal with these stresses you must learn about the stress and the many different ways in which you can deal with it. We can help you by using hypnosis for stress at our Newcastle based practice.

But What is Stress

Stress can be described as an overwhelming feeling which can consume your thoughts and make you feel like you can’t handle the situation you’re in. It can consume you to the point where you may feel like there is no way out of it and while some people think it is purely a mind-over-matter situation, stress can affect virtually every part of the body. It can include many physical symptoms such as headaches, muscle tension, tiredness or insomnia, substance abuse, social withdrawal – to name a few.

What Causes Stress

A number of things can cause stress and it can often be, what appear to be, smaller triggers which bring the stress to the surface.

Some people experience short term stress which they can see the signs of themselves and deal with quiet easily. In small doses, most people can deal with these smaller, shot term stresses and accept it as part of everyday life to some extent.

The next level of stress is where a person is living in a more constant state of stress. Often bad tempered for long periods and unable to break out of the stress-cycle that they are in. Some people do thrive on these types of stresses to some degree and find that it can help them focus more on a particular task.

Chronic stress is the most extreme form of stress and the one which can affect people in the worst ways. In this form the stress can take over a persons lives, consuming virtually all of their thoughts and appearing to the sufferer, to have no escape from. People can feel like their whole world is crumbling apart and that the only solution is one so extreme, that it seems unthinkable to a non-stressed person. This type of stress can be very dangerous as it can lead on to depression, stroke, heart failure and in extreme cases even suicide. This is where our stress management Newcastle service could become important to you.

What Can Be Done About Stress

The first thing you need to do if you are going to address the stress in your life, is to understand that everyone has stress in their lives to some degree. It’s down to how you control it that is the deciding factor. To start to be able to manage your stress, you first need to understand what is causing the stress. One of the easiest ways to find out and to monitor this, is by keeping a diary of what triggers your stresses and when.

Everyone now has a smartphone, so it’s really easy to simply enter a note on your phone or record a short audio clip, whenever these stresses occur. Doing this you can quickly build up a picture of these trigger points and figure out what is happening. It is then often easier to look back at these notes and see either how you did deal with them or how you ‘could’ deal with them the next time that they occur.

How Can Hypnotherapy Newcastle Help You

Our hypnotherapy can help you with your stress. We have many years of experience in helping people who are experiencing stress. We have helped numerous people to understand and overcome their stress and take them from feeling like there is no way out, to being able to deal with the same things that used to stress them out as if they are nothing!

Contact us today for a free consultation and to find out how we can help you with your stress management Newcastle.

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