Stress Management

Stress Management

Stress Management

You may have heard of the phrase many times but what is it?


Well, there are two types of stress: the one that everyone is familiar with when under pressure. The other is the one that we need to function: this a mechanical mechanism that makes our muscles move and generally helps to keep us standing, sitting etc.…


The first kind of stress is the one that is associated with stress management.
Stress can be useful if it is directed at getting a job done but can be counterproductive if the levels of stress hinders performance.

How can stress be managed?

To explain this we need to think of how stress is produced and the mechanics of stress. The origins of the first type of stress lie in a part of your brain called the Amygdala. This is where the signals for the hormones that sparks off our stress levels start. Knowing how to control this reaction is part of stress management.

There are other factors that need also to be address and this is done through another consideration; “Time Management.”
We would also need to consider workload and delegation as part of a stress management.

As a stress management consultant I have many more tools in my knowledge base to help manage all of these aspects with the minimum amount of effort and you can find out more about stress hypnotherapy by arranging a free appointment.

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