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award winning hypnotherapist Joe Mc Anelly

with over 37 years of experience

Hypnotherapy Newcastle


5 Star reviews since 1979

“I was really impressed with the help I received from Joe to overcome my problems. I would recommend him to anyone.”

“Joe put me at ease from the very start and has helped me overcome my anxiety issues in a short space of time.”

“After trying numerous other methods, Hypnotherapy Newcastle was my last hope. Thankfully it worked perfectly for me.”

“Who knew that hypnotherapy could be so much fun. I looked forwards to seeing Joe every fortnight. He’s changed my life!”

These sessions have proved invaluable to my recovery. I just wish I had access sooner.

To believe I could be a strong willed person again, priceless thanks

Helped me relax, so not always concerned with how I look. Stopped me always thinking about food, result – losing weight.

Joseph Mc Anelly has spent most of his working life dedicated to assisting people in one form or another.

Around 38 years ago he discovered hypnotherapy. At first, perhaps like you, he was very sceptical of anything that could be achieved by using hypnosis. Nevertheless, he started to use it and achieved profound changes in his own life. He chose from that moment, to study and practice how to use hypnotherapy to help others achieve similar goals.

Hypnotherapy Newcastle was then born and for the last 37 years, Joe has successfully worked with people. Helping them change, alter, or come to terms with their feelings reactions and habits. All through the power of hypnotherapy.

How can we help you at Hypnotherapy Newcastle


Pace of life and the demands made on us, can make us feel burnt out, lethargic and befuddled. Sometimes we can’t cope with the complexities of decisions that have to be made. If you feel some of these symptoms you may think that you are weak and failing as a human being. Your are not alone, help is at hand.


If you want to stop smoking, we can help. We’ll change your state of awareness from an active state to a passive state, and in that passive state rearrange some of the programmable aspects of your brain. Developing a new set of behaviours involving the avoidance of tobacco or any other substance for that matter.


Hypnotherapy can help you to change your subconscious beliefs and make a permanent change to how you eat and exercise. Working with a hypnotherapist you can change these deeply held beliefs, replacing them with positive beliefs that will support your efforts to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Our approach to hypnotherapy is to combine it with the best elements of other methodologies. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Mindfulness, all combine to enhance your chances of success. By gaining control over your thoughts you can make extraordinary changes.

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